Eyezen™ lenses are enhanced everyday lenses, designed to reduce eye strain when you’re working or socialising on digital devices. So you can continue to do what you enjoy with comfortable vision.
Eyezen at South molton eyecare

Reduces eye strain

Live your digital passions to the fullest with Essilor Eyezen™ lenses. With the combination of two innovations, Essilor Eyezen™ lenses provide visual comfort and protection, even on your most digital days.

Enhanced single vision lenses

Reduces eye strain

Helps protect from harmful blue light

Helps reduce visual fatigue

Improves the readability of small characters on digital devices.

Sharper Vision

Whether you spend 3 hours or up to 12 hours per day on devices, your digital life has an impact on your vision.

Essilor Eyezen™ lenses are specially designed to bring you extra help in front of digital devices.

Your vision is sharper than it is with ordinary lenses and you don’t have to make as much visual effort to see digital device screens clearly.

Protects your eyes

Ultra Violet (UV) and blue-violet light are primarily emitted from the sun, althouth recently we are also exposed to UV and BV from many modern lighting sources.

Over time, exposure to these forms of radiation could prove harmful to your eyes, Essilor lenses protect your eyes from these forms of damaging light wavelengths.

Essilor Eyezen™ lenses contain a unique embedded system that protects your eyes from harmful UV and blue-violet light, whilst letting good blue light through the lens.