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Dry Eye Syndrome and Eyecare

Dry eye syndrome is a common multifactorial ocular condition affecting many people today. It is a disorder of the tears and front surface of the eye that can lead to damage and inflammation. Symptoms can range from mild to severe causing discomfort and fluctuating/reduced vision.

Dry Eye Symptoms

Symtoms of dry eye can be any of the following:

• Stinging or Burning sensation
• Excessive tearing
• Sandy or gritty sensation
• Episodes of blurred vision
• Redness

If you experience these issues regularly, or intermittently, then book for a dry eye test with us.

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Dry Eye Assessment

At South Molton Eyecare our dry eye consultation will include:

• History and symptoms
• Investigation of eye structures
• Lid & gland evaluation
• Blink rate assessment
• Tear film and fluorescein assessment
• Advice and treatment plan

Aftercare and follow ups

If you have been dignosed with Dry Eye Syndrome, we will monitor your progress during follow up consultations to ensure treatments are working for you.

We also keep up-to-date with new products and techniques and our aftercare ensures you have the best options available to you for your comfort and vision.

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