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Sports and Protective Eyewear

Sports Eyewear

In the UK, one of the biggest causes of hospital admission involves serious eye injury while playing sports. Eye injuries may result from accidents with equipment like hockey sticks or shuttlecocks, especially in sports which involve fast moving balls. Racket sports alone account for thousands of eye injuries a year according to ROSPA. It is said one in three squash players are likely to experience some sort of eye injury during their playing career. Squash players use a small ball traveling at high speed which puts them in danger of serious injury, especially to the orbits of their eyes. Other sports which have a high occurrence of eye injuries are football, rugby and basketball.

Choosing the right visual aid for sport is just as essential as choosing the right equipment or accessories. Just two examples of the benefits that can be gained from making the right choice are the specially designed spectacles developed to help top ranking snooker players and the prescription glazed goggles used by swimmers.

Protective Eyewear

We can supply corrective protective eyewear, featuring a number of prescription spectacle frames and more modern wraps within our range from some of the world’s leading frame suppliers including On-Guard and Titmus. We offer all the normal lens forms, single vision, bifocal and multifocal including our latest range of digital lenses.

All products can be supplied with Polycarbonate lenses and recently we have added chemical resistant Trivex lens material to the range.

Both products meet the requirements of EN166 F, as do all of our frame range.